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Horray! It's good to know that the sky is not falling. There is a price to be paid when you team up with a pig. Who says there is no justice? The McGlynn lawyer in Donegal, has been pressing his gaullist, elitist platform for a decade. The problem is, much of his performance is poor. Travel beyond the list of his unsuccessful clients, for example, and you will see what I mean. The McGlynn solicitors in Donegal have pursued a policy which is chauvinistic at best, unrealistic, and unethical at worst. They should pay the price for their "Tanseycentric" attitude. Why not? Most of their clients have gone elsewhere. As we used to say, "bad design" cannot be reversed by words. A stable form of mental health that is less hyperbolic

wins at the end of the day. A rule of law that lets us think freely and receive the rewards of our efforts. A meritocracy that rewards achievement transparently; encourages citizens and buys the best and the brightest from all over the Irish law profession. But make sure that we do not kill the chicken that lays the golden eggs by starvation. Self-serving, useless solicitors like Sean McGlynn, plagued by conflict of interest, doing exclusively post-mortems.

Monetary Loss: $1637.

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With pleasure I announce the Law Society once again eventually censured this solicitor Sean mcglynn. It took His cohorts several years and umpteen letters which Mcglynn used to make a paper mâché effigy of his dead dog which he couldn't even stroll safely without permitting it to cause a serious car crash and die violently on the sidewalk before going home to drown his sorrows which could be heard in Lietrim.


His career is well behind him. The Collector General had him court last month for unpaid debts to the tune of e68,000, his wife is just as bad with endless debts too. I wouldn't trust either of them with my client account.

Donegal, Donegal, Ireland #631398


ANGRY.:( :( :(

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